Health & Safety Warnings

To reduce the risk of personal injury, discomfort or property damage, please ensure that all users of the glasses read the below warnings carefully before using your Nreal Light glasses.<br/>Use only in a safe environment.<br/>The glasses is recommended to be used indoors.<br/>Do not use the glasses during sudden or intensive movement.<br/>To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long period. If your glasses feels hot to the touch or is uncomfortably warm, stop using or charging it, and allow it to cool down. Immediately discontinue using the glasses if you are experiencing eye strain or dizziness.<br/>All the users should read Health & Safety Warnings at that are regularly updated. Please immediately stop using the glasses if it is damaged. <br/>Do not expose to liquid.<br/>Avoid dropping the glasses. Glasses are equipped with screens that are made using highly precise technology Do not throw or drop the product, or otherwise expose it to strong physical impact, to avoid product damage. If the product was dropped, crashed, or otherwise exposed to physical impact, please take it to Nreal Service Center for inspection and repair.<br/>Consult your doctor before using the product if you have pre-existing serious medical conditions (such as a heart ailment), conditions that affect your ability to safely perform physical activities, psychiatric conditions (such as anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder), or if you are pregnant or elderly.<br/>With the first-person view, moving images or specific light may make you feel unwell or dizzy, or lose your sense of balance. Stop using the product and consult your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms: seizures, loss of awareness, convulsions, involuntary movements, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, lightheadedness, drowsiness, or fatigue, eye pain or discomfort, eyestrain, eye twitching, or vision abnormalities (such as altered, blurred, or double vision), excessive sweating increased salivation, impaired sense of balance, impaired hand- eye coordination, or other symptoms similar to motion sickness. Do not use the product if you are sick, fatigued, under the influence of intoxicants/drugs, or are not feeling generally well, as it may exacerbate your condition.<br/> Take regular breaks from using the product to mitigate health risks. To avoid transferring contagious conditions (like pink eye), do not share glasses with persons with contagious conditions, infections or disease, particularly of the eyes or skin. Glasses should be cleaned between each use with skin-friendly non-alcoholic antibacterial wipes and with a dry microfiber cloth for the lenses.<br/>Stop using glasses if you notice swelling, itchiness, skin irritation or other discomfort of your skin that is in contact with the product. If symptoms persist, please contact a doctor.<br/>Nreal is not liable for damages or injuries resulting from improper use, such as disassembly, modification, repair, or breakage of this product, or use of a failed product. The warranty for the product will also expire. Do not use the product if it is slightly damaged, especially if the lens, glass or case is cracked, damaged or deformed.<br/>The Health & Safety Warnings will be updated from time to time on and we would encourage you to check constantly.