Nreal Unveils Nebula, The First 3D System Supporting All Native Android Apps, Amid Global Expansion

Nreal, developer of ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses, announced Nebula, today at CES, the first 3D system that turns the traditional 2D smartphone browsing experience into a 3D mixed reality experience. By supporting all Android native apps, Nreal Light offers consumers access to the millions of apps that can be immediately accessed right out of the box.

Envisioning a bygone time when the 2D smartphone interfaces are just a memory, Nebula, Nreal’s 3D MR system, harks a new era like the birth of a new star, that pushes the envelope for mobile consumption one step further. As a revolutionary milestone for the mobile industry, Nreal’s Nebula realizes a futuristic concept once only brought to life in theaters, by bringing consumers closer step-by-step to the day when 3D interfaces have become the primary portal to the digital world.

Akin to the formation of a solar system around a new star, the launch of Nebula also introduces a network of collaborative MR partnerships comprised of the world’s leading partners including 5G carriers, smartphone manufacturers, content providers and platforms, as Nreal continues its global expansion this year.

At CES 2020, Nreal is showcasing a trifecta of mixed reality use cases to offer the world a glimpse into the future, with the help of its robust developer community of more than 3500 members worldwide.

Nebula: Nreal’s 3D System

Nebula, Nreal’s first version of its 3D MR system, introduces to consumers a familiar, yet new mixed reality-based home screen when booting up Nreal Light. By porting native Android apps and giving users the option to continue using all their favorite mobile apps in Nreal Light, users can experience the best of both worlds, including their favorite 2D Android apps plus interactive 3D content all within an MR environment.

Content Persistence – Nreal Light perceives and understands the real world environment and reconstructs it digitally. Digital content or objects can be placed firmly in or on top of both the physical and digital 3D space, without drifting or disappearing across multiple sessions, offering the perception that the digital objects are a part of the real-world environment.

Infinite Workspace - Reaching beyond the capabilities of a traditional 2D cell phone screen, Nebula transforms the environment around you into a user interface itself. This opens the doors to manipulating your ‘workspace’ to fit multiple apps at once, and screens of your preferential size, that can be fit into or fixed onto anywhere within your field of view. With Nreal Light, multitasking becomes a breeze.

Real-Time Sharing Experience – Multiple Nreal Light wearers can load and synchronize the same MR environment, where they can view and interact with the same content in real-time. Friends can be immersed in the same co-op or PvP games, or colleagues can collaborate in shared MR environments.

Tailored User Input - Nreal offers its users the direct ability to control their MR environment with three Degrees of Freedom (DoF) by transforming the Nreal Light tethered 5G smartphones into a controller. Nreal Light can also support Finch’s 6-DoF controller and Black Shark’s gaming kit, for more robust and in-depth interactions.

Eye-tracking Capability - Nreal has just announced its partnership with the industrial-leading eye-tracking technology company, 7invensun, to integrate eye-tracking into Nreal Light. Aside from tracking head movements and manual inputs, Nreal Light will soon take cues from your eye movements in real time.

New Mixed Reality Platform

Nreal has been working with global developers to enrich its library of content and introduce the next-generation experience to consumers. Visitors will get their first look at real-world MR apps including shopping, gaming and smart home.

Shopping – Nreal collaborates with Japanese AR developer MESON to introduce the future shopping experience, featuring fashion brand JOSEPH and its first stylebook as a mixed reality application. The ‘stylebook’ transforms any room into JOSEPH branded virtual shopping space, giving the users the power to view 3D fashion models wearing different styles of clothes, and to purchase their favorite looks through a standard ecommerce check-out process.

Gaming – Nreal empowers mobile gamers to no longer have to be constrained by a handheld screen, and instead offers an immersive gaming experience with MR-unique interactions.Nreal have teamed up with Black Shark, the BEST PORTABLE GAMING STATION, who has the capability to provide different ways to play on their flagship smartphone Black Shark 2 Pro and various gaming accessories, to showcase a series of mobile games with three distinct interactions, including “Kingdom of Blades,” an MR slicing action game that has gamers slice through and defeat waves of enemies using Finch’s 6 Degree of Freedom (DoF) controllers; “Zombie Bomber AR,” a casual FPS “shooter” that has you throwing bombs, using your phone as a controller, at an oncoming wave of zombies; while “Corner Fight” introduces an arcade-style side-scrolling fighter game that uses Black Shark’s dual wielded controller.

“Black Shark has been dedicated to providing the best gaming experience to global gamers. Tethered to Nreal Light, Black Shark’s gaming phone and accessory can deliver more immersive gaming experiences,” said David Li (Li Fan), Vice President of Black Shark Global. “At CES2020, Black Shark 2 Pro and Nreal Light marks the future of a new generation of gaming and we’re excited to be collaborating on this together and achieve more in the future.”

Smart Home - At CES, visitors can walk into a futuristic home powered by Nreal Light, which not only lets you control smart appliances with Nreal Light, but also serves as a central hub for displaying any or all information that you’ll need while you’re lounging at home.

Nreal’s Global Partnership Expansion

Following the roll out of new content and the goal of lowering the barrier to consumer adoption of MR, Nreal has been paving the way with the first MR network that tethers to 5G Android smartphones - in lieu of a standalone processor. To achieve this, Nreal has mustered support of a vast network of partners including the world’s leading carriers, content partners and smartphone brands.

In addition, Nreal unveiled its further collaboration with carriers including KDDI, LGUplus, China Mobile and China Unicom, which follows the partnerships with LGUplus and KDDI that introduced Nreal Light to customers visiting the respective carrier’s retail stores. Visitors can also enjoy at CES about AR Museum, which introduces Japanese national treasure, the 18th-century decorative writing box designed by Korin Ogata. The content is developed by TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD. and supervised by Tokyo National Museum of Japan.

“MR opens the doors to showcase the full potential of wearable technology and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with Nreal and introducing MR technology to consumers through Nreal Light in the Japanese market,” said Katsuhiro Kozuki, Deputy GM, Mobile & XR, Personal Business Sector at KDDI Corporation.

“LG U+ is leading 5G services and collaborating with many companies around the world. In particular, we are trying to upgrade our 5G services through AR glasses with Nreal which are still unfamiliar to customers. We will be working with Nreal more actively in the future.” said Daewon Song, Vice President at LGUplus. “With the support of the world’s leading partners and brands, Nreal is showing that Mixed Reality and 5G technology is quickly coming to consumers worldwide,” said Chi Xu, CEO and Founder at Nreal. “Following the launch for the pre-orders of the Nreal Light Developer Kit, we’re excited for what our partners and developers can offer Nreal Light users.”

Nreal Light’s Availability

Nreal recently opened up its pre-orders for the Nreal Light Developer Kit, which sells for USD $1,199, and has begun shipping devices to early supporters. The consumer version of Nreal Light will be priced at $499 and available in early 2020. To purchase your own Nreal Light Developer Kit, visit

Customers of LGUplus in Korea, and customers of KDDI in Japan can visit their local retail stores to experience the Nreal Light for themselves.

Nreal Light Features

Lightweight - Nreal Light’s familiar sunglass-like form factor offers a lightweight design that weighs in at just 88g and sits comfortably on your face even during periods of extended use.

Display - Nreal Light employs a self-developed combined light guide optics system that boasts brilliant graphics on a wide, 52° FoV at 1080p. This means, you can watch TV in MR the size of an theater-quality IMAX-like screen within the comfort of your home.

Cross-Platform Compatibility - The consumer version of Nreal Light can tethered via USB-C, and powered by an Android smartphone, tablet or Windows PC. Nreal Light can support external controllers, including Finch’s & Black Shark’s dual wield controllers.

Accessories - Nreal offers corrective lenses that accommodate nearsighted users, and can simply be magnetically attached to Nreal Light. Magnetically attachable nose pads are also provided to cater to different nose shapes.

Access the press kit here.

About Nreal

Nreal is a fast-growing mixed reality company ushering the next generation user interactions with hardware and software solutions that merge the physical with the digital world. Nreal revolutionized mixed reality experience with its flagship product Nreal Light, accompanied by Nreal's self-developed 3D system Nebula. Fueled by a mission to make MR accessible for everyone, encompassing both consumers and enterprise customers, Nreal's products include the Nreal Light Consumer Kit and Enterprise Edition. Nreal is supported by global partnerships with the world’s leading 5G companies and operators in the US, Europe, Korea, Japan and China and can be demoed in LGU+ and KDDI retail stores.

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