Nreal Launches NRSDK 1.0 Beta for Unity Developers

Nreal announces the launch of its beta SDK, NRSDK 1.0 Beta, enabling developers to gain early access to build MR apps for Nreal Light starting today

Beijing, July 22, 2019 / PRNewswire / -- Nreal, developer of ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses, Nreal Light, today launches its highly anticipated beta SDK, the NRSDK 1.0 Beta.

Starting today, Nreal’s beta SDK offers developers early access to begin developing mixed reality (MR) applications on Nreal Light. Developers can immediately sign up and download the NRSDK 1.0 Beta at

Following the availability announcement of Nreal Light, and the receipt of thousands of applications for the Nreal Light Developer Kit, the launch of the NRSDK 1.0 Beta offers developers with the ability to build entirely new MR experiences on Nreal’s consumer-grade MR glasses. Moreover, through the NRSDK 1.0 Beta, developers can also enhance their existing native Android apps with MR features, even without immediate access to the Nreal Light mixed reality glasses.

Whether it’s applications like games or productivity apps that can be played and used during one’s commute, or a wearable virtual museum guide that projects background information through superimposed videos, text or even missing pieces of a broken vase exhibit on the real world, these applications and more can be developed on the Unity development platform with the NRSDK.

In parallel, developers can also gain access to robust, user-engaging features including spatial computing, optimized rendering, multi-modal interactions, developer tools, and 3rd party SDK integration.

NRSDK 1.0 Beta Features

Spatial Computing - With spatial computing offered through the NRSDK, developers are able to program MR applications that merge digital objects with the real world. Built-in SLAM and computer vision algorithms enable 6 DoF tracking, map your surrounding environment and even analyze, recognize and understand the objects in view.

Optimized Rendering - To minimize latency, the NRSDK optimizes the rendering of graphics for a smoother and more comfortable viewing experience that doesn’t result in motion sickness.

Multi-Modal Interactions - In the vein of a fully immersive MR experience, the NRSDK offers multiple ways to interact with digital content including a 3 DoF controller, or simply by using your mobile phone as a controller.

Developer Tools - Empowering developers to make it easy to develop their MR glasses-based apps, the NRSDK offers “Observer View,” an embedded testing tool that enables developers to cast their MR content through a tablet for third party viewers.

3rd Party SDK Integration - To fully unlock the potential of mixed reality experiences, the NRSDK allows developers to access raw data from Nreal Light’s sensors, for instance the RGB camera, and integrate other 3rd party SDKs that offer enhanced features to build powerful new MR/AR applications.

“The highly anticipated beta SDK from Nreal is finally giving developers a head start in building new applications that enable developers to port a mixed reality environment to their existing apps on the market or to build completely new MR applications for Nreal Light,” said Chi Xu, CEO and Founder of Nreal. “Even without the Nreal Light Developer Kit, developers can begin building and testing apps through our testing environment starting today.“

Nreal Light Developer Kit Availability

The developer package called the “Nreal Light Developer Kit,” including the Nreal Light glasses, a 3 DoF controller and nreal’s proprietary computing pack, is available to developers for $1,199 USD. Developers can apply on for an early opportunity to purchase the Nreal Light Developer Kit.

Applicants will be prompted to fill in their information including previous development projects or project ideas for Nreal Light. Developers will be selected on a rolling basis for the opportunity to purchase the Nreal Light Developer Kit, which will begin shipping in September 2019.

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About nreal

Founded in January 2017, Nreal is a developer of ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses. Its flagship product, Nreal Light, is the first lightweight and comfortable mixed reality glasses, sporting an industry-leading vivid display combined with SLAM-based environmental understanding AI algorithms for an immersive experience. Nreal has raised $31 million three previous rounds of funding from investors including China Everbright Limited New Economy Fund, China Growth Capital (CGC), Shunwei Capital, iQIYI , APlus, and Siasun.

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