nreal Introduces XR Game Compatibility With NetEase AR

nreal encourages game developers to create and distribute Extended Reality (XR) casual games, signaled by nreal’s cooperation with NetEase AR further advancing the XR viewer initiative by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2019 / PRNewswire / - nreal, developer of the first consumer-grade mixed reality (MR) glasses, today announced the compatibility of nreal light with YuME, a game from the augmented reality game developer, NetEase AR.

At the Game Developer Conference 2019, nreal light introduces a hybrid developer platform that not only enables customers to watch volumetric content, but now also augmented reality games. In cooperation with NetEase AR and tethering to a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform powered device, nreal light is showcasing the ability to play both mixed reality and augmented reality games at GDC 2019, signaling an opportunity for developers to develop casual MR, AR and even some VR game titles that can be visualized on nreal light.

"Through our rich content ecosystem, NetEase AR can enable high-quality AR content we are excited to reach mass users through nreal light’s mixed reality glasses,” said a spokesperson at NetEase AR.

The announcement follows nreal’s Mobile World Congress 2019 news of nreal light’s USB Type-C compatibility with 5G smartphones equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform and nreal light’s performance, compatibility and optimization validation within Qualcomm Technologies’ HMD Accelerator Program, enabling developers and manufacturers to gain access to a mixed reality computing platform.

“We’re excited to encourage developers who are not only building mixed reality experiences, but also looking to build and distribute a game on a hybrid platform like nreal light,” said Chi Xu, Founder and CEO of nreal. “In cooperating with Qualcomm Technologies and NetEase AR, we’re moving another step toward a future where 5G is prevalent and the next generation mobile computing platform isn’t just your standalone smartphone, but also includes a pair of mixed reality glasses like nreal light.”

Recognized for its trademark sunglasses-like design, nreal light is the first consumer-ready mixed reality glasses that delivers 1080p HD display with a 52-degree Field of View, while also offering Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) tracking and environmental understanding. With accessibility in mind, nreal light comes with interchangeable prescription lenses, nose pads and foldable temples.

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About nreal

Founded in January 2017, by Chi Xu and Bing Xiao, nreal is a developer of ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses. Its flagship product, nreal light, is the first lightweight and comfortable mixed reality glasses, sporting an industry-leading vivid display combined with SLAM-based environmental understanding AI algorithms for an immersive experience. nreal has raised $31 million three previous rounds of funding from investors including China Everbright Limited New Economy Fund, China Growth Capital (CGC), Shunwei Capital, iQIYI , APlus, and Siasun.

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