Nreal Light Debuts at Japan and Introduces MR Applications at KDDI 5G Summit

Nreal Light makes its debut in the Japan market and in collaboration with KDDI showcases the MR applications, including e-commerce visual search engine, in Japan.

Tokyo, June 27, 2019 / PRNewswire / -- Nreal, developer of consumer-grade mixed reality (MR) glasses, announces the launch of Nreal Light in the Japan market and unveils several MR application of mixed reality glasses technology in Japan at the KDDI 5G Summit.

Following the enthusiasm for Nreal Light, Nreal revealed its plans to launch its flagship mixed reality glasses in the Japan market and invest more resources in fostering the development of more affordable and commercial Mixed Reality applications in Japan.

Showcasing the full potential and the ecommerce applications of MR technology in the Japan market, attendees of the KDDI 5G Summit will experience an MR-based online shopping search engine, developed by a leading Japanese ecommerce brand, that can be streamed on Nreal Light. The application enables users to compare prices of products or searches for similar items. Attendees can also experience the MR demonstration based on KDDI’s unique technology such as free-viewpoint video technology.

“There’s never been a better time to showcase how MR technology will transform this world,” said Chi Xu, Founder and CEO of Nreal. “We’re excited to discover how developers and brands alike can build new consumer and enterprise applications that will introduce mixed reality to the Japan market.”

Aiming to make mixed reality accessible to everyone, Nreal Light is available to consumers for $499 USD and will ship in limited quantities this year. Nreal Light will be available for mass production in early 2020.

Developers can apply to get early access to get the Nreal Light developer kit for $1,199 USD. Developers can apply for early access to the developer kit on

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Founded in January 2017, Nreal is a developer of ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses. Its flagship product, Nreal Light, is the first lightweight and comfortable mixed reality glasses, sporting an industry-leading vivid display combined with SLAM-based environmental understanding AI algorithms for an immersive experience. Nreal has raised $31 million three previous rounds of funding from investors including China Everbright Limited New Economy Fund, China Growth Capital (CGC), Shunwei Capital, iQIYI , APlus, and Siasun.

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