Nebula turns your favorite phone Apps into massively mesmerizing mixed reality experiences.

Nebula gives you Mixed Reality on Nreal Light.


*The software of the smartphone must be updated before use it.

Download from Google Play

For KDDI (Xperia 5 II SOG02) users

Download from Google Play

For KDDI (Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SCG06) users

Download from ONE Store

For LGU+ 5G users


All Your Apps in the Air

Nebula provides a 3D Home Screen allowing you to launch your favorite phone apps wherever you are.


More than a feeling with these Apps

Key Features

Big time, good time, more time, gimme mine! With Nebula you got all of that and more. Spacious environments, game time, and ability to multitask are all within your reach.

IMAX Theater in Your Pocket
220 inch big screen provides you an amazingly immersive experience.
Play Big in a Big Space
Stretch out, see more, do more and enjoy more. MR apps and games are made for Nebula and your phone apps and games work and play better in Nebula. Welcome to the big time!
Turn Your Phone into a Controller
Nebula allows control of the MR environment with three Degrees of Freedom (3DoF), transforming your Nreal Light tethered smartphone into a controller.
3 Apps
You Can Open 3 Apps at a Time
Nebula gives you an Infinity Workspace allowing you to arrange multiple applications sized and placed in anyway you want. Size matters and with Nreal Light, you've got both size and function making multitasking a walk in the park.

Make Apps Compatible

Start creating amazing mixed reality experiences!

Android SDK soon.
Our Unity SDK for 3D apps is available now.
Developer's Home

Visit to learn more about developing on the Nreal platform.