Smart Phone

Q: What display mode does the glasses support?

A: There are two modes supported on the glasses, Mirror mode and MR mode.


Q:Is there any hurt on my eyes while using the Nreal Light glasses?

A: When using Nreal Light glasses, the light will not hit your eyes directly. It will not cause any damage on your eyes. Please feel free to use.


Q:Why is the upper part of the glasses hot after using for a period of time?

A: It is normal for the MR glasses to going warm under a long-term use. If you feel the temperature is high, please stop using for a while and wait until the temperature dropped.


Q: Why do I only see the phone screen in my glasses?

A: Please pull down the notification bar of the mobile phone to check whether the Mirror Mode is activated. You can enter the MR mode by pressing the mode switch button.


Q: Why I cannot see all the screen in the virtual space?

A: It may be caused by the improper height of the nose pads. Please try the nose pads to get the best view.


Q: Why can I only see virtual objects and images in a certain direction?

A: In the 6DoF mode, virtual objects and pictures will appear in fixed positions in the real space. You can try to walk around and watch the virtual objects from other angles to feel the exciting experiences provided by mixed reality.