Build Mixed Reality Apps for Everyone

Nreal’s SDK, the NRSDK 1.0 beta, is now available for developers to begin building mixed reality applications. Click the link below to access the Nreal Developer Center for the SDK, documentation, and developer kit application.

Why Join the Nreal developer program?

Mixed Reality Made Accessible

From foldable temples, comfortable fit to a user-friendly price, we want to make MR experiences truly seamless in everyone’s daily life.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Nreal Light is cross-platform compatible and can be connected to your daily smartphones and devices – accelerating user adoption.

Application Creation Simplified

An accompanying SDK that will help you easily migrate existing content or create new applications for the Nreal Light, with support for most popular developing environments.

Introducing NRSDK
Accelerate your development journey by leveraging NRSDK. NRSDK gives you the ability to migrate and build applications in the way that works best for you.
Spatial Computing
provides 6 DoF Tracking and the ability to understand the environment including plane and image detection and tracking.
Developer Tools
are provided so you can better develop and debug apps.
Optimized Rendering
is automatically applied to applications, and is constantly running in the background to minimized the latency.
Third-party Integration
provides data for third-party SDKs, allowing you to fully utilize Nreal Light’s hardware features to build powerful MR applications.
Multi-modal Interactions
provide intuitive choices of interaction for different use cases.
Nreal Light Developer Kit

Nreal Light Developer Kit
Nreal Light Developer Kit