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About Nreal

Nreal, founded in 2017, is dedicated to realizing consumer-facing Mixed Reality (MR) user experiences around the world. Nreal's flagship Nreal Light MR glasses are lightweight, comfortable and sport a wide Field of View (FoV). First unveiled at 2019's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nreal Light was unanimously critically acclaimed for its wearability and digital interactions. Nreal was awarded Engadget's "Best of CES Award" and the first Chinese startup to win this since the award's inception.


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Meson × Nreal
Mixed Reality Shopping Experience
LG U+ × Nreal
Achieved commercialization in South Korea
Xcommons × Nreal
Digital & Fashion come Together with MR
CES 2020/ Smart Home
LG U+ branded Smart Home experience
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To develop Mixed Reality technology in the 5G era, we welcome the talents to join the Nreal family. We value every step of the way to pursue our dreams. We look forward to having each individual 'N Star' to contribute to the 5G ecosystem development, to brighten the future of the world with mixed reality technology.